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Our Team

Katheryn Hope – CHIEF OFFICER

Contact: katheryn@involve-middevon.org.uk

I came into post in July 2022 and have worked closely with Karen Nolan, the previous Chief Officer, really enjoying the diversity of this role supporting voluntary and community organisations across Mid Devon to develop and achieve ideas for projects and groups while supporting development within Mid Devon. I have worked in the voluntary sector in a variety of roles for the last twenty-five or more years yet feel I am always learning. I am passionate about empowering communities and the people within them and the feeling that my work is making a difference. I am a great believer in community and that we can find solutions at grass roots level. With support and collaboration I think we can always find the answers.

I have lived in Devon for over 25 years and love nature and the countryside particularly the coast and moors where you can find me going for a ramble on my days off. My background is in health and wellbeing and I have also run a coaching practice supporting people to reach their full potential and achieve what they want for their life and their work.

I very much look forward to meeting and working with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a chat as I am always interested in what goes on in our local communities and am always ready to help where I can.


Contact: admin@involve-middevon.org.uk

I am delighted to have joined the team at Involve Voluntary Action in Mid-Devon as Administrator covering the office support and finance roles. I will be working part-time on Monday and Tuesday mornings and all day on Wednesdays if you need to contact me.

Although semi-retired now I am keen to continue to work to support local communities and having moved from West Somerset to Mid-Devon early this year working with Involve to help them meet their goals will be a great challenge.


Contact: fran@involve-middevon.org.uk

I bring a wealth of knowledge of life in Mid Devon to Involve, having lived and participated in communities here for more than 30 years. I know that local people care deeply about the health and wellbeing of their local places, spaces and fellow residents. There are lots of complimentary skills across Mid Devon which were proven during the recent pandemic to assist in providing peer support, advice, information and data and I would like to continue that momentum in community building within this role.
I have previously worked in social housing; retirement and care charities; and in providing community knowledge, grants assistance, and support to individuals and organisations across Devon.

I believe that strong communities involve connections, collaboration and partnerships, plenty of shared spaces, and respect for others.  I am looking forward to helping and facilitating groups to achieve their goals.

In my free time I like gardening with respect for wildlife, reading, and I like to explore new things from a wide range across the arts, tech, travelling and meeting different people.  I dislike waste in any form, so am a particular supporter of groups such as community larders, free-cycling of unwanted or unneeded goods, share-sheds and any form of free skill-sharing that opens opportunities up for others.

Feel free to contact me for a chat or to request assistance.



Contact: cullomptoncb@involve-middevon.org.uk

I recently joined the Involve Team as Community Builder for Cullompton. have lived in the area with my family for 20 years and worked in the Charity Sector since 2006, setting up services and support to address isolation and other associated issues including specifically in Mid Devon. I hope this experience has given me a good grounding to seek and listen to local ideas and opinion and to help support the development of groups and projects in Cullompton which reflect the strengths and diversity of its unique community.

I enjoy spending time in the countryside with my family – two and four legged – and feel very lucky to live in an area where I can access it from my front door.

I look forward to meeting you in the community.

TAMLYN FRAIQUIN – Crediton Community Builder

Contact: tamlyn@involve-middevon.org.uk

I serve as the Community Builder for Crediton, having returned to my hometown after several years away. With two decades of residence in this charming town, I bring a wealth of experience from my corporate career in a regional management capacity. I am enthusiastic about leveraging my skills and knowledge to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our vibrant community.

Having been an active member of this community, I am already familiar with the exceptional groups, charitable organizations, and community initiatives that distinguish our town. I consider it a privilege to now have the opportunity to collaborate with these inspirational individuals and facilitate further development and growth.

In addition to my community involvement, I also serve as an invigilator at QE during exam sessions. I hold our town’s young residents in high regard, recognizing them as one of our most valuable assets.

Beyond my professional commitments, I am a proud mother to two remarkable boys. Growing up in a farming family, I have a deep appreciation for the countryside and a love for animals, often donning wellies when necessary. My commitment to sustainability is reflected in my passion for recycling and renovating furniture, giving old pieces new life and love.

Laura McDonagh – Wellbeing Coordinator Culm Valley

I work for Involve as a wellbeing coordinator in Culm Valley. I have been in this role for just over 2 years, and I love it. As a wellbeing coordinator I help individuals who have been referred by health professionals to access help and support in the local community. This could be because they are struggling with their mental health, isolated or are living with a long-term condition and don’t know where to turn. For more information, please look at our Community Projects page.

As for me? I’m a mum of 2. I enjoy being outside, especially at the beach. Love music, animals, holidays, and anything that involves a bit of adrenaline!

Zoe Flockhart – Wellbeing Coordinator Culm Valley

I work for Involve as a Wellbeing Coordinator. I support people to access services, support and information in order to better manage their long-term health conditions or current life experiences. I encourage them to identify what matters to them and help them to work towards positive outcomes.

I have two children and spent the last 24 years supporting people with a vast array of additional needs. I love my job because of the difference I can make to people’s lives and see the benefits of the fantastic service we provide.

LAuriel Woodley – Wellbeing Coordinator Culm Valley

I am the newest member having joined the team in September 2023. I am based at College and Bramblehaies. I am enjoying finding out more about the groups, organisations and activities in the local community and supporting people to access services and build new connections. This can be transformative for someone experiencing loneliness and social isolation or who feels anxious about taking that first step to get outside, meet others and discover what is important to them.

I am a qualified Coach and have also just trained as a HOPE (Help Overcoming Problems Effectively) Facilitator. I look forward to delivering this group programme; providing some simple tools and strategies to cope with everyday challenges, develop strengths, and set personal goals. I am passionate about helping people to better help themselves and form habits that will be beneficial long-term to their health and wellbeing.

I also work for the world’s largest equine Charity and spend much of any spare time outdoors, often in muddy welly boots, running around after my 6 year old and family of 4-legged friends!

I look forward to helping people make new connections and achieve their personal goals.

Sophia Roper – Cullompton Senior Community Youth Worker

Contact: sophia@involve-middevon.org.uk

I am the Senior Community Youth Worker for Cullompton, based at the John Tallack Youth and Community Centre. I am responsible for Cullompton Youth Club and supporting the development of youth provision within Cullompton. I have been delivering youth work for almost fifteen years and truly love my job! I am passionate about supporting young people’s personal, social and educational development and enabling them to develop their voice, influence and place in society.

Outside of youth work, I am a mum of two and love spending time with my family making memories, evenings at the beach, reading, playing board games and, when possible, relaxing!

George Munn – Cullompton Youth support Worker

Contact: george@involve-middevon.org.uk

I’m really excited to be working as one of Involve’s new youth workers at The John Tallack Centre in Cullompton. As Youth Support Worker, I work alongside the Senior Community Youth Worker to deliver youth sessions and engage, support, listen to, and empower young people, working with them as they navigate their teenage years, grow their personalities, boost their confidence, and develop skills for adulthood.

I attended the John Tallack Centre myself when I was young and have been involved here ever since, as a young volunteer, adult volunteer, then as charity trustee, and now (somehow!) as Chair of Trustees. We know how much difference youth work can make to the lives of young people, now more than ever, so it’s great to finally have Cullompton’s youth centre open again, giving young people their own space to meet friends, enjoy themselves, develop, have their voices heard, and receive any support they need. In my spare time I enjoy foraging, wild camping, and folk music with friends, as well as maintaining our small cider orchard, and looking after our 18 mischievous sheep!

Dominic Bennett – Cullompton Youth support Worker

I started as a young volunteer in 2010 and have since gone on to deliver youth provision as a youth support worker all over Devon. I have delivered open access, street based, targeted and post 16 education provision. I enjoy working with young people because every day is different, and every young person is different. I am pleased to return to Cullompton where I started my youth work career and used to attend youth club as a young person.

Lloyd Waterman – Lead Project Coordinator – Devon People First

Contact: lloyd@involve-middevon.org.uk

My role as lead project coordinator for Devon People First is supporting people with learning disabilities to have a voice at all strategic levels through peer and self-advocacy. I am very passionate about working with our learning disability volunteers in their peer advocate roles. I currently coordinate and facilitate our three main projects including the learning disability online (and occasionally face to face) friendship groups which have become extremely successful and important to our members and volunteers and the Devon and Cornwall victim support network project that is part of the Devon County Council engagement network where I support our volunteers to speak up and help shape better Health and Social care services in Devon. I have worked Devon People First for nearly 20 years but my passion and excitement for the role has grown year on year. 

I originally come from Hampshire where I worked for 20 years in the NHS as a learning disabilities nurse. In my spare time I am a keen golfer and volunteer for the Tiverton golf club junior section as junior committee secretary as well as assistant junior organiser, I am very fortunate to get to see year after year junior golfers progress from beginners to outstanding players and a few that have gone on to make a living from the sport.

LAURA WILLIAMS – ASSISTANT Project Coordinator – Devon People First

Contact: lauraw@involve-middevon.org.uk

I have been working in adult health and social care for over 20 years, initially as a support worker, but also as a project coordinator and social group facilitator. I have a real passion for advocating for the needs of marginalised communities, but more than that I love working alongside others, to empower them to speak up for their needs, and lead more fulfilling, purposeful lives. I am a firm believer that we are all equally qualified and gifted, therefore we should all have equal opportunity to express ourselves, and live life to the full.

In my spare time I love to get creative-whether that’s picking up some pastels, writing poetry or singing in my local church. I also enjoy getting outside and exploring this beautiful part of the world we live in!