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Using our online Community Hub, Devon Connect, you can search through diverse volunteer roles currently available in your area.

Devon Connect is a hub for the local community supported by Devon Voluntary Action and its partners. The platform is managed by DeVA partners and Torbay Community Development Trust with new partners welcome to join. As partners, we have come together to build on our experiences in the voluntary sector. Each partner supports communities in their respective areas – ensuring content is relevant and up-to-date and that local residents feel supported.

This platform is a free community resource for anyone wanting to share or find information about activities, events, volunteering opportunities and conversations across Devon.

It’s also a social networking platform for you to connect and collaborate around the things that matter in your community.

Registering with the service online allows you to:

  • Search and apply for volunteer roles
  • Manage your profile
  • Connect with organisations and people

Sign up here today: