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Support for Organisations

We help charities, community groups and other third-sector organisations in Mid Devon to develop, influence and connect.

We Provide Organisations with:

Help to Develop

We support organisations to be better able to respond to the changing climate of services and funding, and to ensure that they are resourced to help build more resilient communities.

  • We organise and promote learning events to develop the skills of your team.
  • We can deliver direct support to your organisation or community project.
  • We provide information and advice on starting up, finance, governance and planning.

Help to Influence

We help to ensure that statutory agencies and other partners have a better understanding of, and engage with, the voluntary sector.

  • We promote the sector through the production of reports in partnership with DeVA.
  • We ensure that the voice of the sector is heard at district and county level.
  • We forge strategic partnerships to improve engagement with the sector.

Help to Connect

We bring community projects together to share ideas, and increase collaborative and partnership activities.

  • We hold forums and networking events for groups and organisations.
  • We help maintain and increase sector capacity.
  • We support with access to and distribution of funds available to members of the sector.

Contact us to find out more about the support available for your organisation.

Support Available Now for All Organisations

There are a number of advice and guidance sheets to provide key information and starting points. These can be accessed from the DeVA website.

Visit our News and Events page to see upcoming networking and shared learning opportunities in our area.

Development Work

We are able to offer free at point of delivery development work (up to 5 hours for existing group and 7 hours for a new group) to any not-for-profit organisation based in, or delivering services in, Mid Devon. Groups can then access additional support on a fee paying basis.

Contact us to arrange development work for your organisation.