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A new funding opportunity for Devon groups

Involve Mid Devon is now working in partnership with funding website easyfundraising to enable our groups to access a new unrestricted funding source.

Offering an easy, continuous, and accessible fundraising option, easyfundraising enables organisations to raise money to support themselves and the wider community through online shopping

How it Works

Here’s how it works: when your supporters use the easyfundraising website or app to find a retailer they want to shop with, the retailer sends your organisation a free donation based on how much they spend. It doesn’t anything extra as the retailer pays the donation, not the shopper.

It’s a bit like using a cashback site, but instead of one individual benefiting, your community can pull together and raise for your organisation. Anything from a weekly grocery shop to a family holiday can generate a free donation.

easyfundraising enables people to give to your organisation without it coming directly out of their pockets, which is a very good thing during the cost of living crisis. And if you have previously used AmazonSmile and are worried about the impact of it closing, easyfundraising is a great alternative.

It’s free to register and use and is open to voluntary organisations of all shape and size – you don’t need to be a charity. And the funds you raise class as unrestricted so you can use then as you wish.

Here’s an Example

Volunteer Chris is taking his family on a day out by train. Instead of visiting the Trainline website, Chris heads to easyfundraising’s website first and then clicks on the Trainline link.

easyfundraising directs Chris to Trainline, where he books his tickets. Because Chris started at easyfundraising first, the homeless shelter he volunteers at will receive a free donation directly from Trainline, at no extra cost to Chris.

How to Get Started

  • Create your organisation’s profile on the easyfundraising site – it’s free and only takes a few minutes
  • Get familiar with easyfundraising – book a call with one of the team, who will show you around, so you are up to speed on how the site works.
  • Share the good news – use the pre-built social media copy, images, posters, and flyers in your easyfundraising account to tell your supporters and get them onboard.

Register for free here: www.easyfundraising.org.uk/mid-devon