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Cullompton Community Friends is about the power of our community to support
one another and share information about local non-profit or low cost community
groups, organisations and services that are available in the Cullompton
community to help promote health and wellbeing.

As part of the Cullompton Community Friends initiative we have created a free
online Cullompton community directory. The online directory will provide the
opportunity for the community to find out about non-profit or low-cost groups,
organisations and services available in Cullompton and the surrounding areas, to
support positive health and well-being.

There is no charge to be included on the online Cullompton Community
Directory. Please visit www.cullompton.involve-middevon.org.uk to find out
more information about how to add your local non-profit or low cost community
group, activities, and services.

We will also be running regular Cullompton Community Friends information
workshops, accessible to anyone who would like the opportunity to become a
‘Cullompton Community Friend’. This doesn’t involve volunteering, but instead
means that they will have the ability to signpost their friends, family and
colleagues to the online Community directory during their everyday
conversations to support an even more connected Cullompton community.
Please email charlene@involve-middevon.org.uk to book onto
a Free Cullompton Community Friends workshop.